Tinder Pics Guide Boost your # of matches with these tips!


Not all photos should look like a DMV or mugshot. It’s recommended to shift your frame and face slightly away from the camera but no more than 5-15 degrees away. You can also research photographers (like myself – I do travel) that specialize in taking natural, candid photos like a friend took them. Photos should be a mix of close-up and full body images as well as clearly lit and activity-based images. They should showcase your style, face, your body and how you take in the world.

  • A person that doesn’t smile is thought of as untrustworthy and aggressive.
  • It is clear most love-hopefuls do not understand how to communicate through images.
  • The boundaries don’t exist, but posting a bright and sharp high-quality picture is still the best way to do it.
  • If you end up uploading your pet as a tinder profile picture, chances that you will match with someone are less than 1%.
  • Not only will it highlight imperfections, but it can also make you look older … and not in a good way.
  • We noticed that black and white photography can make you look more attractive until you figured out a way to optimize your skin.

One big time dating coach tells his viewers to max out your profile. Then it’s time to slap yourself in the face, and grab life by the balls. But until you do, I have a Tinder picture tip for you that doesn’t require any of the above. You already know what that looks like and there’s no reason to give your eyes AIDS. Everyone is dressed sixties style and posing together for a quick snap. You happen to be the only guy so it’s only logical you’re the center of attention.

There are various options when it comes to cool profile picture ideas. By posting photos where you are not wearing a shirt, especially if you took it as a mirror selfie, you will reject women’s attention because they will find you cocky. Another reason you should avoid taking selfies for a Tinder profile is that front cameras on smartphones are not as flattering and good as you need them to be for this purpose. When you start your Tinder journey and start swiping left or right, the main criteria you are basing your impression on someone are their Tinder profile pics. Because the lighting and coloring was already solid, I just cropped the picture to a square.

What I do know is that if you want to get any matches on a dating app, you’re going to have to at least pretend to have friends. If that means setting up a self-timer on your camera, so be it. A lot of people like to include group photos in their dating profile pictures, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea.

Tinder Pics for Guys First Photo Must Have: The Closely Cropped Headshot

All I can say is that the results have been amazing. People reaching out to me instead of struggling with the reverse. Again thank you so very much for all your time and professionalism. Clients frequently travel from Boston, Baltimore, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and as far as London and Paris seek out my service. Request a session https://bestlatinwomen.com/ and we will make it work.You can also book a virtual profile consultation service if you can’t make it to NYC. Sure, sunglasses are trendy, but people want to see what you really look like.

How to Edit Photos on iPhone

At the same time, most apps don’t have a minimum. These are great tips, particularly if you have other people around you, live in great locations, or spend a lot of time outdoors, in social settings and what not. Not everyone has those options, so this is for you. Don’t fall for the tryhard-trap by posting too many pictures. If your Tinder picture show her that you’re just like everyone else, then it’s a bad picture. We noticed that black and white photography can make you look more attractive until you figured out a way to optimize your skin.

Bad selfies make you look vain

Similarly, if you took your selfie in a bathroom, make sure you crop out the toilet or any beauty product clutter on the sink. This will make you appear larger than anyone else in the photo. Don’t stand facing directly at the camera—turn so your hips and shoulders are angled slightly away, instead. He has some good tips and content – not all of it will apply but a lot of it will. If you go the professional camera route, search for “Lifestyle Photography Tutorial” and find some good instruction videos there. You can either go with a recent top-of-the-line smartphone, or a professional camera if you’re extra motivated.

I guess this pretty much sums up all the reasons why you shouldn’t really post selfies to your Tinder profile. Plus, by uploading photos where everyone can see someone took them for you, you can show yourself as a social person that goes out or hangs out with their friends. Since women often study everything on a guy’s photo from any social media, picking the right photo and uploading it should be your main focus when building up a Tinder account . This is already a great score, but I might try some pics with different clothes, facial expressions, angles, etc. just to see how those compare. The resolution might be lower and a bit grainy but that is not always important to have for dating photos (don’t want them to be too stiff, portrait-esque anyways).

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