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The Index uses a points system to measure equality progress under various topics, with 100 representing full equality, and the 2022 edition shows an EU overall tally of 68.6 points out of 100. Gender equality across the EU is measured by the Gender Equality Index, a tool published by the European Institute for Gender Equality . Ireland adopted gender mainstreaming as a principle during the late 1990s and early 2000s and a European Commission requirement means that Irish projects supported by EU funds have to promote equal opportunities.

  • Muadhnait.
  • Bridget.
  • She died at age 34 and is buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.
  • Bono’s two leading ladies — his wife Ali and daughter Eve — obviously have picked up a few pointers from the old man on how to work a red carpet.
  • The average gender pay gap in the EU stood at 13% in 2020 while the latest available figure for Ireland, which dates back to 2018, is 11.3%.

From adorable sounds to precious meanings, consider these lovely names, such as Alannah, Croía, and Keavy. Ireland has some seriously deep cultural roots, so there’s no shortage of unique and rare Irish girl names!

It’s the Irish form of Rose, as the word rós simply means “rose” and has physical characteristics of irish women the same pronunciation. Muadhnait. Unique and precious, this rare Irish girls’ name means “little noble one.” It comes from the Old Irish poetic word muad, so your baby will surelt be noble and poetic! The name is pronounced MOI-nets. Eireann. As you may remember from the more common spelling of this name above, Eireann is the rare form of the moniker. This Irish girls’ name means “Ireland” in Gaelic.

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Fionnuala. If you like the names Finola or Nuala from above but want a longer version, consider Fionnuala. Like the other monikers, it means “white shoulder,” and Fionnuala is the exact spelling of one of the four children of the sea god Lir, who were transformed into swans for 900 years. Clíodhna. Though its meaning is unknown, Clíodhna—pronounced KLEE-u-na—was the name of a beautiful and brave goddess from Irish mythology.

Eileen Kearney is an instructor of theatre at the University of Colorado, Denver. She has directed productions and taught university theatre all across the country, including Pomona College, Santa Clara University, Gonzaga University, and University of Texas in Austin.

Gender-based violence

In 1861 Foley moved to Rome, Italy and mastered the intricate art of medallions. Her work, including an acclaimed portrait of Cleopatra, were featured at the Philadelphia Centennial Expo in 1876. Her work is on display at the Smithsonian Harvard art museums.

The Irish government has extended this requirement to cover all State funded projects. And women. She established the Guild of St. Elizabeth, a children’s home in Boston’s South End, and was active in the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union. She was a fearless journalist who once disguised herself as a mill worker to expose child labor abuses.

Máiréad. A very traditional Irish Catholic girls’ name is Margaret, but you can use the Irish form to make it even more classic. Máiréad is pronounced MA-ryed, and you can also spell it Mairéad or Máighréad.

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